My favorite wild animal tiger essay

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Short Essay On Tiger | Lines About Tiger | Paragraph On Tiger

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It is crazy seen the key park of island. Unlike tiger, it does the small preys. My Favorite Wild Animal Is Tiger. Tigers One of my most favorite things to do when going to the zoo is to see the big cats, most especially the tiger is the largest of all big cats, and as of right now they are on the verge of extinction.

The tiger is the top of the food chain in its natural habitat. They are a revered animal among many cultures and are considered to be one of the. The tiger is the fiercest and cruelest of all the wild beasts. It is a very strong and ferocious animal. It lies in ambush and suddenly springs upon its prey.

It is fond of blood and flesh. It carries off cows, goats and dogs from villages. Sometimes it kills men. The tiger belongs to the cat family. Essay # 1. Lion (Panthera Leo Persica): It is a gregarious top carnivorous animal leading family life.

Though, it has characteristic of territorialism but less than the tiger. If you have a spare day in Prague head to Prague Zoo for a fun day for children and adults of all ages. My favorite animal EVER! Lunch was too much for this Tiger!

Look at the teeth! Another sleepy Tiger! Absolutely love your shots of that tiger (also one of my favourite animals). Great post 🙂. Imagine my favorite teaching your tutor or write one of my favorite teacher; about humans.

My favorite animal “The Lion”

She was a pet animal. Published book reports, curry plants and there was harry. 2, wild animals. It is a very cruel and ferocious wild India, tiger-killing has been prohibited by the Government. We can find tigers in the zoo, or in the circus.

Now new breed of Tigers also found as White Tigers.

My favorite wild animal tiger essay
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