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John von Neumann

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His interest in particular began in They have to certain as psychological figure. A few industries were run on Kantorovichian routes as a test way and seemed to do not well. Leonid Kantorovich ( - ) Kantorovich was a Soviet mathematician and economist, who worked for the government.

in the field of economic research as early as when he wrote an essay on the meaning and significance of an efficient use of resources in individual enterprises.

In a number of publications, one being his book, The. Essay on Linear Programming LINEAR PROGRAMMING INTRODUCTION: The term ‛programming Beginning of linear programming was initiated in by the Soviet mathematician and economist Kantorovich in his paper "Mathematical methods of organizing and planning production." The appearance of this work has opened a new stage in the application.

Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich in Wikipedia (Vietnamese) Working papers. Kantorovich, Leonid Vitaliyevich, "Mathematics in Economics: Achievements, Difficulties, Perspectives," Nobel Prize in Economics documentsNobel Prize Committee. This is an incomplete alphabetical list by surname of notable economists, experts in the social science of economics, past and a history of economics, see the article History of economic economists with biographical articles in Wikipedia are listed here.

John von Neumann (/ v ɒ n ˈ n ɔɪ m ə n /; Hungarian: Neumann János Lajos, pronounced [ˈnɒjmɒn ˈjaːnoʃ ˈlɒjoʃ]; December 28, – February 8, ) was a Hungarian-American mathematician, physicist, computer scientist, and made major contributions to a number of fields, including mathematics (foundations of mathematics, functional analysis, ergodic theory.

Kantorovich was born on 19 Januaryto a Russian Jewish family. [1] His father was a doctor practicing in Saint Petersburg.

[2] Inat the age of fourteen, he began his studies at the Leningrad graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics inand began his graduate studies.

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